Wild Heart Ranch is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. We provide medical or infant support to any indigenous wild animal in need of assistance and release it into suitable wild habitat once care is completed.

Fecal Matters

Some handy 'tricks of the trade' to help your critter's common problems. As with any of my advice, check with your vet to make sure this will work for you!

Slow Things Down

Ever have a vet suggest giving a sick animal Kaopectate to treat runny poo? That human stuff is expensive and may contain aspirin which can cause other issues. Check your local feed store or agri. center. In the cattle/horse section they sell a product called "Kao-pec" or animal grade "Kaolin pectalin"for around $10 per GALLON. Using this along with the appropriate "pro-biotic" (either mammal or ruminant) will assist with imbalances from dietary changes, stress or even disease along with appropriate medications and treatment.

Set Up The Lab

Tired of spending a fortune getting fecal tests for worms? A small investment is all it takes to do your own at home. A childs microscope kit can be purchased at "Toys R Us" for around $25. Some saline solution, a shot glass (that you no longer wish to use for people!) and a chart of parasite eggs is all you need! (I can send you the chart)

No need for a fecal loop, just wait until you get a sample naturally! Fill the shot glass with saline, stir a tiny portion of your sample into the solution. Drop the slide onto the TOP of the solution. Wait 10 minutes, remove the slide CAREFULLY! (the eggs have floated to the top of the saline and are stuck to the slide) Stain the slide as instructed in the microscope manual and VIOLA!! Search the slide for the eggs! If you're a rehabber that pays for your vet care, you know this will save you a fortune!!

You can also purchase wormer over the counter. Pyrantil paomate will worm for hooks, whips and rounds. Follow the recommended dosage, but use common sense. All wormer is a chemical pesticide. Never worm a dehydrated or sick animal, or anything under six weeks old without the advice of your vet. Even when worms are what is making the animal sick, you need to increase their health before further challenging their system with wormer.

Gerber Babies Are Happy Babies!

Are you having trouble adjusting your orphans to their new formula? Runny stools can be a common reaction to new forms of protein. Help their tummy adjust gently by adding baby rice cereal (flakes) to their formula. Mix formula as instructed, then add about a third of flakes to what you used for powdered formula. Can be used also as a great mash for weaning time!! Remember; a starch mixed with protein and fat ads body weight! Mixing rice cereal with formula is an awesome way to put weight on any mammal! (Never use for fawns.)

Get Em Going!

Constipated babies? A bit of Karo syrup in their bottle or a syringe is still an old-time remedy that works wonders! Makes a tasty treat too! Warm water massage for an impacted animal can work, if it doesn't stress them out too much. Enemas can be given easily with warm water and a syringe. Never over do it. Its amazing how much a small amount of fluid will do to loosen things up!

In One End And Out The Other!

Ever give a raccoon an enema and have it vomit their feces? Scary isn't it? Raccoons and cats both share something called "through and through enema reflex". It's not pretty and as you can imagine, they don't appreciate it either. A little Metamucile in their bottle will be much more pleasant for both of you.

This concludes "Fecal Matters". In the world of wildlife rehab, a good solid stool puts a smile on your face!! Hope I shared something useful!

Your friend in poop, puke and parasites,
Annette King, Animal Rescuer
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue
Claremore, Oklahoma